Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lighthouse Keeper...

OK people, this is how the story goes.... pictured above is John Eastman. Not only was he the Lighthouse Keeper that I have spoken about in a post prior..he is my Great Great Great Grandfather on my Grandpa's Mum's side. (Phew)

The story goes like this. John Eastman's father was an Innkeeper in Bremen, Germany. His name was Herman Ostman, which had been changed to "Eastman" on his arrival to Australia.

John Eastman obtained work as a boatman on Port Phillip Bay, rowing out to ships and taking the new settlers and their possessions ashore. In 1848 he ferried a woman to the shore of Williamston. Her name was Elizabeth Rich (born in Rio Dejanero 1930). It was love at first sight and so they got married.

They made the long journey to Portland by bullock wagon when Eastman was appointed light-house keeper in 1859. Together they raised a large family, including two sets of twins (and I thought I had my work cut out for me here with four kids..yeah). One of their children was named Adeline, she was born in 1876.
Adeline, John Eastman's daughter, met a young man named Peter Dusting. Peter and Adeline married and had a daughter named Loreen, who is my Pop's Nanna. Loreen married a Hartmann and so became my Grandad's family name of Hartmann. They had Arthur, Graham and my Poppy Max.
There are many more stories I have to tell.. and well, there is so much information it will take me days to go through. Plenty of images too.