Thursday, December 3, 2009

Myer Christmas Windows....

Cinderella- 1991 Exhibition.
A Melbourne tradition for more than 50 years is the celebration of Christmas at Melbourne Myer Store. The lovely front windows of Myer Store are adorned with wondrous things for both children and adults alike.
The first display was back in 1956, the year Melbourne held the Olympic Games. Television was also first introduced in Melbourne in 1956.
Throughout the years, Myer has thrilled anyone passing by in the Bourke Street Mall. The many and varied themes have included Fairies, Famous Children's Books and Authors, and themes from Ballet to Opera.
On a warm Summer's night, when it is too sticky to sleep, we take our kids into the city to experience what we did as children. Nothing beats seeing their faces light up..thanks to Myers and their tradition.

Swan Lake- 1965 Exhibition.
The display is on from November 6th, until January 4th 2010. 7:30am until 1am daily.
To view the themes of each year Myer has gifted these gorgeous windows to more than a million passers by annually... click HERE
My favourite one of all was in 1984 and the theme was Around The World In Eighty Days. I cannot find any pictures of it, but it remains with me even now.